Sunday, June 1, 2014


I will post again soon, I promise.  Ok, I probably shouldn't make a promise like that.  I promise I want to post more often... My life has been weird lately.  A bit overwhelming at times, stressful, exciting.  Many different emotions floating around.  I wish everyone well.  I just know right now, there are too many things floating around in my head to organize myself enough to post something substantial, or even just readable.  I promise I am still around.


  1. I go AWOL from time to time. ;)
    When I've got a lot on my plate bc of Wes. But I'll Always be here if you need me! I love you BUNCHES my Beautiful Bride to be!! &You've got a wedding to plan!! Just focus on that & cherish EVERY moment! Every stress filled, wanna pull your hair out Moment!!! It goes by Soo fast! &above all, RELAX, BREATHE, & Remember: You're getting MARRIED!!!!! :D Jess, I am SO HAPPY for you & Chris!!! I love you DEARLY Girl! XooX

  2. I miss you, Kelly. I am in awe of your strength. I know your son is your inspiration, hero. I know that he is your life, and just know that I am always here for you, whether it be email, facebook, text, never hesitate to reach out if you need day to day support. And thank you for your support, my dear friend!