Monday, March 31, 2014

One in 26...

One in 26 of all Americans will develop epilepsy in their lifetimes.
It is estimated that epilepsy can be expected to develop in 33 percent of people who have had a single, unprovoked seizure.

I've also read somewhere that people who have had two unprovoked seizures have an 80% chance of having more.  

Statistics like this often leave me reeling!  Ok, yes, it is easy to read things like this and shrug it off, never actually taking the time to truly consider them.  But when you live it, when you ARE the one in 26- you begin seeing things differently.  If you end up falling into that 80% chance of having more, you are forced to stop and think.  Epilepsy is not an illness designated for the poor, the uneducated, third world countries, etc.  Seizures can happen to ANYBODY!  Epilepsy can, and often does, strike without warning.  Epilepsy can change a life in an instant.  

Things like cancer- breast cancer to be specific- receive far more attention and public awareness.  The thing is, the thing that people either simply don't realize or chose to ignore, Epilepsy is just a prevalent as cancer, and severely under funded.  When is the last time you saw a commercial for epilepsy?  What about the last time you passed a product in the store promising a portion of the proceeds to fight epilepsy?  Guess what?!  IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN!  

Epilepsy Awareness just doesn't exist.  Nobody is stirred to support it, or even yield an Epilepsy Foundation bumper sticker.  Not until you or somebody close to you becomes the one in 26 to develop epilepsy.  

It shouldn't be this way.  One by one, step by step, we CAN make a difference.  

Going home

In just a few days, Chris and I are packing our bags and heading to GA, where my parents are.  This is  the first time Chris, my fiancee, is meeting my parents.  Now remember that I am not only a girl, but also an only child.  Chris has taken this into consideration, and is less than enthusiastic about this trip.  I on the other hand, haven't been back in a couple years, and am growing more excited by the moment.  You never realize just how much you miss someone until you're anticipating seeing them again, or have just left them.  

Anyway!  Did I already say I'm excited?  Well I am...  And I'm dragging Chris along weather he likes it or not.  I told him it's better he meet them now than at the wedding!